F3F competition on Hodne slope Sunday 6th May

Resultatliste, se link i dokument.
Finally we got our first F3F competition on Sunday. It has not been easy to get comps in during the pandemic. Also the weather has been a problem.But not this Sunday, perfect wind direction with 6-7 m/s straight into our Hodne slope.
As usual not a big turnout but with 6 pilots and 1 super good helper it all went very well. We flew 16 rounds and I would say it was very even conditions through the whole day.I used my Baudis Fosa Airlift 1 (shorter wingspan Fosa Lift) for all 16 rounds, equipped with KST servos of course. Thanks to KST for supporting me, it really makes a difference flying with these servos! https://www.kst-servos.com/
On saturday I posted a message on the facebook page of Jæren Hang og Paraglider klubb. I made a map and told them that we would set up flags to indicate the space we needed for making this contest. This was a success 🙂 and I think they appreciated the post.
Our equipment from Simon Watts is great to have when you have just a few pilots. With the speaker it is very clear and there is no need for anything except for pushing some buttons. We still have not used the Picam system. Would be good to get that going also.
As I mentioned we had a very good helper as Brian stayed and manned the B-base for all the rounds, without him we probably would have only 10 rounds. Thanks Brian!
The flying was suiting me this day, low wind speed is something I like and I got a good start that continued the whole day 🙂
Here is the results from F3Xvault: https://www.f3xvault.com/?action=event…

I forgot to mention the Trophy I got. Thanks to Trond for making it. Really nice.